Monthly Archives: November 2014

100km done and I feel a fraud

My last post revolved around a journey into the unknown and my 100km debut. What most likely should have been a disaster movie, turned out to be a tick-that-one-off-the-list-type-affair. And I’ve been left with a feeling that it should have … Continue reading

Ready or not?!

Ready or not, 100km here I come. Okay, so I’m definitely not ready. After pushing it for the 50km three weeks ago; I’ve gone and got over exuberant in entering a 100km on the same course three weeks later. I’ve … Continue reading

6:50 Take Two (and IAU 50km World Trophy Final)

Back in March, I tackled the 6:50 here in Qatar. Basically it was 10 times a 5km loop for a 50km with a six hour cut off, starting at 6pm in the dark. Simple! To be honest, I shouldn’t have … Continue reading