Monthly Archives: May 2015

Mix and match test kit

There was never a truer word spoken in the history of running than: “Don’t try new kit on race day.” And hands up, I’ve been there and done it, and have the disappointments to prove it. But I’m going to … Continue reading

I’m a runner and I cross-train

Yes, it’s true…I’m a runner and yet I’m a big fan of cross-training. “Why?” I hear you cry, “when you enjoy running so much!” Well, it’s like this…while running gets me reasonably fit, helps control my weight and I can … Continue reading

What’s in your running pack?

The compulsory kit lists which accompany most ultras can be an insurance-led-ball-ache for race directors and runners. The race director feels bad asking runners to purchase gear they probably won’t need and as runners we scuttle around last minute to … Continue reading

Shouldn’t I be asleep now?

Steve and I are now onto our summer long run schedule.  We’ve been holding out for as long as possible, but with day time temps now regularly nudging past 40C and slim chance of the cooler 20s, even at night, we … Continue reading