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Lessons for 2018

As it’s January 2018, most people are reviewing their 2017. I’m not going to because there’s not a lot to look back on. A nagging injury turned into a long-standing injury and I was laid up until June. I then … Continue reading

Acing the A-race?!

Hands up, I was nervous toeing the Ultra Sierra Norte start line. I’d not run an ultra since this race a whole year before. After a long injury lay up, I’d be putting a new training strategy to the test. … Continue reading

How hard can it be?

“It’s less than 12km,” I say. “How hard can it be?” I add turning to hubby Steve. We’re sat planning a few races. We’ve spent the summer entertaining Ultra Trail Spain running guests and races always have to fit around … Continue reading

In need of my comfort blanky!

Us ultra runners know that a ‘buff’ (trademarked name for a generic bit of stretchy cloth) is an essential piece of kit. It’s a hat, scarf, bandage, sling, flannel, sock, snot rag…whatever we need it to be! But it’s not … Continue reading

Why a multi-day race is in your reach!

Mid-year and the time when many runners start to think about the next running season’s big challenge. And entries to multi-day events are starting to fill up. Many competent ultra runners shy away from the multi-day thinking they don’t have … Continue reading

Why it pays to Be Prepared!

As all good ultra runners (and Girl Guides) know it pays to ‘Be prepared!’ It’s what we do best and while I won’t be towing the line at an ultra any time soon, I’m just as thorough in my prep … Continue reading

On the road to recovery

Yes, I’m back running 🙂 A visit to the champ-runner-physio saw her refer me to her own physio. It seems that she unfortunately had a serious knee injury a couple of years ago – I believe (note: ‘believe’ due to … Continue reading

Granny always knows best!

My granny always used to say: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!” “What’s that got to do with running?” I hear you shout! Quite a lot as it turns out. What my granny really meant … Continue reading

45 minutes in the hurt locker

I’m an ultra runner. I love lacing up, slinging my pack on my back and plodding out for a day on the trails. But I also know that the best and strongest runners are all-rounders. As a species, us humans … Continue reading

Staying warm over winter

Qatar doesn’t really do winter…yup, the humidity leaves and it gets a bit cooler… aka pleasanter for your runs but it’s never exactly what you’d call cold. Spain on the other hand does cold very nicely. Thankfully, our little part … Continue reading