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In need of my comfort blanky!

Us ultra runners know that a ‘buff’ (trademarked name for a generic bit of stretchy cloth) is an essential piece of kit. It’s a hat, scarf, bandage, sling, flannel, sock, snot rag…whatever we need it to be! But it’s not … Continue reading

Why a multi-day race is in your reach!

Mid-year and the time when many runners start to think about the next running season’s big challenge. And entries to multi-day events are starting to fill up. Many competent ultra runners shy away from the multi-day thinking they don’t have … Continue reading

Why it pays to Be Prepared!

As all good ultra runners (and Girl Guides) know it pays to ‘Be prepared!’ It’s what we do best and while I won’t be towing the line at an ultra any time soon, I’m just as thorough in my prep … Continue reading

On the road to recovery

Yes, I’m back running 🙂 A visit to the champ-runner-physio saw her refer me to her own physio. It seems that she unfortunately had a serious knee injury a couple of years ago – I believe (note: ‘believe’ due to … Continue reading

Granny always knows best!

My granny always used to say: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!” “What’s that got to do with running?” I hear you shout! Quite a lot as it turns out. What my granny really meant … Continue reading

45 minutes in the hurt locker

I’m an ultra runner. I love lacing up, slinging my pack on my back and plodding out for a day on the trails. But I also know that the best and strongest runners are all-rounders. As a species, us humans … Continue reading

Staying warm over winter

Qatar doesn’t really do winter…yup, the humidity leaves and it gets a bit cooler… aka pleasanter for your runs but it’s never exactly what you’d call cold. Spain on the other hand does cold very nicely. Thankfully, our little part … Continue reading

Wet, wet, wet at Ultra Sierra Norte

Hereby follows an apology: Dear feet, Recently, I subjected you to horrendous conditions and for that I am truly sorry. I want you to know this because I appreciate how awesome you are. Where other people get blisters and black toenails, … Continue reading

Jamon and trails

Race prizes in Spain are a beauty to behold to ultra runners…since they usually involve our all time favourite items…namely food! So far I’ve bagged olive oil, peaches, asparagus from road races. Yup, I know it’s enough to make any … Continue reading

Hitting the trails – thankfully

Following my 10km charge, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks nurturing my niggly hamstring, blowing the cobwebs out on our local trail race, and discovering the benefits of recent endurance training. On lurching over the line at Santa Fe, … Continue reading