Hitting the trails – thankfully

Following my 10km charge, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks nurturing my niggly hamstring, blowing the cobwebs out on our local trail race, and discovering the benefits of recent endurance training.
On lurching over the line at Santa Fe, I knew my hammy would need some careful management. There were definitely some residual changes going on, but having felt similar pains before I know I’m best to keep moving…but very slowly. There was nothing else for it but to get a high mileage week under my belt. Yes, I know that every physio, GP, witch doctor will always recommend the opposite but I understand my legs and more importantly my hips. The worst thing I can do is stop entirely. Everything just ceases up and then, when I do move, muscles tear.

Following my nose and ended up a bit far from home.

Following my nose and ended up a bit far from home.

So pack loaded, I headed out from Moclin on the Monday for a magical mystery tour. This was to be a theme of the week as I clocked a steady 20km, 25km, 40km… The weather for the week started slightly mucky but by the Thursday was positively roasting. There was definitely as much walking as running going on and gradually, slowly by surely, my hammy decided life was worth living. (Before you all get too jealous, I was working…honest…route finding does involve a lot of getting lost, doubling back, and eking out supplies.)

By Friday I was ready to put my legs up. Heading back out on Saturday for a short totter down Moclin’s firebreak I was all set for Sunday’s CXM – the direction of the race route had changed and I wanted to check how slow I’d be heading downhill.



Moclin CXM had the interesting scenario of an uphill start and uphill finish. Either way a tough ask. The day dawned warm and after liberally applying sunscreen we were off. Just a steady one for me as I didn’t want to risk my carefully nurtured hammy. The uphill start suited it nicely and it was well warmed up before the first downhill on which the main field when flying off. Let them, my strategy was saving my quads for descents later in the race over 24km and with 1,800+  there was plenty of climbing to be done too. This clearly suits me! I love nothing better than a strong and long climb, and much fun was had picking off some very competitive girls. I knew they’d get me on the downs so didn’t put as much effort in as I probably should have but this race is part of a longer game.



Another relatively high mileage week was to follow, I’ve got another to chalk up this week and then I’ll be into taper. Facebook friends will know, I’ve just chucked in some faster hill work and fingers crossed the hammy is holding out. Three weeks and I’ll be lining up on the start line of another 100km, and I’d like to think I’ll stand a reasonable chance. Of course trail 100kms aren’t that straightforward for us amateurs but here’s hoping the weather, fueling, trails all go to plan 😉

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