Is winter on its way?

Just add water for a runner's playground.

Just add water for a runner’s playground.

Weather reports are not usually anything to write home about in Qatar. It’s sunny pretty much every day, with varying amounts of humidity in the summer and wind in the winter. That’s it.

Occasionally, very occasionally, everyone gets very excited and runs out into the street…because it’s raining!

Last winter was possibly a record, I counted seven occurrences of rain – climate change and all that. Some days it even rained for multiple hours. Mostly it’s a quick shower of say 10 minutes duration and that’s it, normal service is resumed.

Last night, I’m sure I felt a spot of rain while stood outside, well either that or someone has a dodgy air con unit. (They leak just before they seriously malfunction.) It was just the one spot, mind you, so I could have been mistaken but on checking our local news blog, there was a meteorological report to expect rain in the north of the country come the weekend, and it was potentially raining already.

So what I hear you cry. Well a) rain in the desert usually means a change of seasons. Hurrah! A move away from chronic humidity. And b) the desert gets very inviting. It doesn’t go all green or anything, but cooler weather makes it safer to run there and the running is very technical. Imagine running on beads and you’ve got it. The surface dust gets uber slippery as the rain just dampens the top layer but underneath is bone dry.

I have yet to find a shoe which gives good grip. A fine knobbly sole just clags with the cement-like mud and a big stud cuts straight through sliding on the dry surface underneath.

This all makes for challenging and fun slip-sliding on an otherwise flat terrain so fingers crossed that rain is on its way.


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