Ready or not?!

And this is where it all goes wrong :-(

And this is where it all goes wrong 🙁

Ready or not, 100km here I come. Okay, so I’m definitely not ready. After pushing it for the 50km three weeks ago; I’ve gone and got over exuberant in entering a 100km on the same course three weeks later.

I’ve not run past 50km in four months – summer sort of got in the way – and I managed to ping my right hamstring last week. It was one of those, I know it’s coming sort of injuries, which I’d been putting off getting looked at.

My hips dropped out of alignment about a month ago, in Spain. I think on the plane on the way to Spain, if I’m honest. I felt stuffy running Granada, the trails felt awesome as always, but something wasn’t quite right. Give it a month and the effects became apparent.

I stayed off my legs for a week after the 50km, coming back into training four days later with some biking and mobility weights. I ran 20km a week later. The race was still hanging around, so I just did 10km the following day with a TRX session and indoor cycling class. All felt sound. I went out for a 10km and pop there was that pain so many runners are familiar with.

Ice, elevation, and a call to the physio later, I was sat waiting for the doctor to give me a referral. A bit of sweet talking and I’m in for my physio to get to work straightening my pelvis out (again!). A lot of pushing and shoving and the pain has subsided to a general sensation of pulling rather than ripping.

The 100km is in six days time and I have physio appointments every day this week as I find out whether I stand a chance of making the start line. Déjà vu! No running, limited walking, the odd bit of biking and a few stretches and that’s it. At least I’ll be well rested for an epic 100 of 20 loops. I’ll also have chance to get a survival strategy straight in my head.



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