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Enjoying a run around the desert at Zekreet, Qatar, in the winter of 2012/13

Welcome to the Dusty Runner.

I am a  long distance running addict currently residing in Doha, Qatar currently residing in Andalucia. (updated October 2016)

To be honest, I wasn’t a long distance convert until I left the UK. I was quite happily churning out half marathons… but come the Middle East and the difficulties of racing and training there, I like many decided that if I was going to put the miles in under the desert sun I may as well get my money’s worth and notch up to the marathon plus distances. And so it came to pass some 18 months later that I’m a regular marathoner and newbie ultra runner.

My husband, Steve, and I are members of what is thought to be Qatar’s first running club, Doha Bay Running Club (DBRC), which was formed in October 2010. Made up of like-minded people, of all nationalities, runners get together for informal training runs.

Now some five years later, we’ve left Qatar and set up home near Granada, Spain. We’ve had a holiday escape here for the last three years, discovering what an amazing place we’ve been fortunate to land on for trail running. We’ve recently set up Ultra Trail Spain (ultratrailspain.com) running holidays to allow us to share this special place with other runners. There’s everything here, great weather, unspoilt trails, single track mountain routes, jeep tracks, and of course olive groves all surrounded by quite roads. We’re very fortunate 😉 

This blog does not set out to be a training log. There are plenty of better and more experienced runners out there doing a fine job in that area. This blog aims to pull together a few of my musings and ramblings on the trials and tribulations of running in a rapidly changing desert country, and now as we train and live in rural Spain. 

Thank you for joining me on the road.

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