There's never a taxi around when you need one!

There’s never a taxi around when you need one!

One of our last long runs was a day of mixed fortunes. I struggled around an 18km road run without getting too dehydrated but it took a long, long, time.

Survival was purely because I ran to heart rate, walking as soon as the beats per minute started to soar. And while the distance felt short, I was very slow – very, very slow. This meant I was out late into the morning and the sun was high in the sky which also pushed the heart rate up. Cue more walking!

At least I wasn’t tempted to hop in a taxi. Yes, it has been known – not by me may I add – it’s my better half with this reputation. He always carries money for this very reason and when running gets too much he hails a cab. I actually pity the poor taxi driver who gets lumbered with a sweaty, heavy breathing runner in his cab. He probably spends the rest of the day trying to try the sweaty seats.

From what hubby says, he was unable to find transportation or he would indeed have got a lift home and bailed early. I knew there was another reason why I drag him out on the trail – there aren’t many taxis touting for business in the desert!

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