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I’ve been lucky enough to take part in many different races in several different countries, formally at home in the UK, and more recently in the Middle East and now in Andalucia, Spain (updated October 2016).

In full flight in a low-key 5km.

In full flight in a low-key 5km.

My race career started off with the obligatory 10km, while I was training for my first half marathon, and since then I’ve raced over pretty much every distance upwards including pacing at both the half and full distances.

If I’m competing, then I’m racing and I’m out for a result, but once the race is done, it’s over and it’s onto the next challenge. My training diary reveals the work put in or otherwise. More often than not, I’m managing some sort of injury (how I envy those runners with top notch confirmation), and there’s usually been some sort of compromise:

These are some of my running highlights:

Year Race Time
2008 Bushy 10k – first ever race and a steep learning curve about pacing 🙂 51:39:00
Run to the Beat Half – first ever running of this race which is now a 10km only 1:57:00
Royal Parks Foundation Half – first ever running of this race which is now a ballot-only sell-out 2:08:56
2009 Belvoir Half – a local race 1:50:59
Sheffield Half – not the edition which ran out of water 😉 1:45:58
Eyam Half – tough Peak District road race and one of my absolute favourites 2:02:02
2010 Newark Half – come back race after a long lay up. 1:43:11
Grimsthorpe 10k -Steve’s first race – I ran backwards at one point and generally mucked around circa 45 minutes
Ashbourne Half – tough Peak District road race which famously winds up Edale. Scenic but brutal. 1:47:00
Great Eastern Half – getting serious now on this fast, flat road race. 1:36:49
2011 Stamford 30k 2:33:32
Paris Half – I went into the race barely able to walk but it was Steve who came out injured 🙁 1:53:35
Robin Hood Full Marathon – first full having entered the half. 3:33:08
Spires & Steeples (off road challenge marathon) 3:36:28
2012 Dubai Marathon 3:20:53
Ticino Marathon – the wettest marathon ever! 3:28:52
2013 Dukeries Ultra 30 mile – went off route at 26 miles which was pretty annoying. 5:12:00
Al Andalus Ultimate Trail – 230km – delighted to have survived 30hrs 33mins
Doha College 10km – reminded me why this isn’t my distance 41:35:00
Dubai Creek Striders Half 1:34
2014 Ooredoo Marathon 3:23
Wadi Bih 72km Ultra, Oman, 1st woman 7:16
Torbay Half, unexpected PB 1:33
Al Andalus Ultimate Trail – 230km – 2nd woman this time 27hrs 14mins
Aspire International 6:50 (and IAU Champs) held on probably the steamiest day in Doha 4:24
IAU 100km World Champs (local runner) Best local woman 10:23
2015 Seville Marathon 3:13:13
Canalthlon 100km 10:31
Al Andalus Ultimate Trail – 230km – 1st woman 25hrs 47mins
Waterway 100 mile – first ton – 1st woman and 2nd overall in inaugural event 23hrs 33mins
IAU 50km Champs (local runner) – 1st woman 3:57
2016 Dubai Marathon 3:17
Barcelona Marathon 3:10
Two Castles Mountain Ultra – 80km – 2nd woman 12:01


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