The case of the stolen 500m

Own up, who’s nabbed 500m off me? If anyone finds it please do return as I’m sure I’ve not slowed down that much in the last six months 🙁

Every so often, two or three times a year, I put myself through a 20 minute time trial. It’s easy, warm up and then run as quick as you can for 20 minutes. Simple. No counting laps, no aggressive cornering on the track, no trying to hold a set pace, it’s literally ‘boom’ and off you go.

…Except I seem to have mislaid a full 500m. The whole lot has just vanished. Where did that go?

Well, I’m blaming the increase in humidity for a start.

In the dying weeks of our time in the desert, I was hopeful the weather gods were smiling and summer was nearing an end. But sadly after five days of low humidity, it’s become apparent those deities weren’t happy with us sand dwellers, and we are back up to 85 percent plus humidity.

Not only will the ibex get a giggle at my mountain running skills...they be laughing at my speed too!

Not only will the ibex get a giggle at my mountain running skills…they’ll be laughing at my speed too!

I use TTs as a measure of fitness. Following Ultra Sierra Nevada, I had a full month very easy, letting my ankle settle and my body generally recover from a year of running. Mid August I started to build some distance back into my legs; nothing of any great mileage as it was too darn hot and humid but enough to start to feel fit again a couple of weeks ago.

For the Eid break I fixed myself a challenging week’s training to see where I’m at. The results, well as seen, I’m not where I thought I was! My heart rate is about where it should be, my legs feel absolutely fine after some fairly big km’s so let’s hope it’s the humidity and running on uneven pavements at night (street lamps don’t work) which stole my 500m…although I was blowing pretty hard at the end of 20 minutes.

Next TT will be in Spain. Here’s hoping that maybe my missing metres will have been returned!

I'm sure runs here will help me find my missing 500m!

I’m sure runs here will help me find my missing 500m!

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