Ultra Trail Spain is coming at ya!

While I may have been kicking up some dust on the hills of southern Spain over recent weeks, all in preparation for Ultra Sierra Nevada of course (more on that tomorrow), Steve and I have also been beavering away creating our new company – Ultra Trail Spain – www.ultratrailspain.com 

As from October 2016 you’ll be able to join us running under the olive groves, over the mountains, through gorges and under blue skies here in Andalucia with Ultra Trail Spain.

Take a look at the site to find out more – www.ultratrailspain.com 

Great places to run, walk and train.

Great places to run, walk and train.

We’re going to be bringing you some trail running vacations and training camps. First up on the training camp front, we’ve got the Beginner’s Guide to Multi-Day Ultras. Heading into spring we’ve an Introduction to Ultra Running, followed by 100 Mile Race Preparation and then perhaps my favourite Heat Training Know-How. Participants will be able to learn some of the secrets from our experiences of running in some of the Middle East’s hottest temperatures on record.

We’re also able to arrange bespoke running holidays and training for small groups and individuals.

We look forward to seeing you in Spain!

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